Our mission is to coordinate all available community resources, public and private, to address opioid abuse and addiction.


We envision a St. Clair County free of opioid abuse and addiction.

Workgroup Goals & Accomplishments

Members of the Opioid Executive Oversight Committee will be the experts on the opioid epidemic in SCC and develop strategies to address / reduce the amount of abuse by a minimum 10 percent.

  • The Health Department received funding to have a consultant work with this committee to collect data and make recommendations.  The report was completed in March, however due to the Covid pandemic, the committee did not meet from March – July.  The committee did receive and review the consultant’s report in August. The committee has agreed to re-assemble the data subcommittee to continue to watch for data trends.
  • Data trends discussed as result of presentations from the SCC Drug Task Force, and Narcan utilization, are both indicate there is a drop in opioid use.

Provide oversight, support and endorsement of the Prevention and Treatment Subcommittee activities.

  • Subcommittee Reports are standing agenda items on the Executive Oversight Committee meetings and the chair / co-chair report out monthly on progress, issues, and barriers to their working objectives.

Executive Oversight Committee Members will educate the community on issues related to the opioid epidemic in SCC.

  • Presentations made included: BWROC Resources, Health Department– Naloxone, Families Against Narcotics – Hope not Handcuffs, SCC Drug Task Force, BWARM – Sober House Presentation, and Odyssey House – Mobile Overdose Response Team. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and holidays falling on meeting dates, this committee did not meet for several month.
  • Several members of this committee were presenters at the month long “Opioid and Other Drugs Virtual Conference held throughout the month of September. This virtual conference was marketed to professionals in a variety of fields: medical, emergency responders, schools, mental health, and to the community.  There were an average of 100 participants per workshop and there were 19 different workshops offered.

Chairperson: Sherriff Tim Donnellon, St. Clair County Sherriff’s Office