Workgroup Goals

  1. Members of the Opioid Oversight Committee will be the experts on the opioid epidemic in St. Clair County and develop strategies to address / reduce the amount of abuse by a minimum 10 percent.
  2. Provide oversight, support and endorsement of the Prevention and Treatment Subcommittee activities.
  3. Executive Oversight Committee Members will educated the community on issues related to the opioid epidemic in SCC.

Vision: We envision a St. Clair County free of opioid abuse and addiction.

Mission: Our mission is to coordinate all available community resources, public and private, to address opioid abuse and addiction.

2019 Accomplishments

  • Subcommittee Reports are standing agenda items on the Executive Oversight Committee meetings and the chair / co-chair report out monthly on progress at their meetings.
  • Oversight Committee has also endorsed the new youth prevention committee called SPEAK, which
    also address opioid addiction.
  • Presentations at each meeting to help members understand the various complexities of an opioid addiction. Presenters have included: SCC Drug Task Force, SCC Treatment Options; Inpatient, Residential, Outpatient, Medication Assisted Treatment Pilot in Intervention Center, State of Michigan Opioid Expert, HMA on addiction and the brain, and Odyssey House.
  • Data Subcommittee has been created to determine what data to use; that it is reliable, local and
    informative to help measure progress in reducing opioid deaths.

Chairperson: Sherriff Tim Donnellon, St. Clair County Sherriff’s Office