Workgroup Goals

1. Improve Community Readiness of Prescription Drug Misuse/Abuse in St. Clair County

  • Within 2 years, increase “Knowledge of Efforts” and “Knowledge of the Issue” within the community from scores of 2 to scores of 4, according to the Community Readiness Model.
  • Compile a list of all presentations that are being delivered in the schools, providers, community, in order to track the amount of presentations per year.
  • Collaborate efforts with other organizations in the recovery community.
  • Evaluate resources distributed within the county related to prescription drug misuse/abuse

2. Collaborate with prescribers to reduce opiate prescribing.

  • Work with medical field to sponsor on Continuing Medical Education (CME) session/event
  • Identify what information/resources prescribers need through survey. By 2020, 10% of all prescribers will utilize literature/marketing developed by the workgroup
  • Increase the use of the AWARxE to 80%.

Vision: A community that is healthier and safer because of reduced prescription misuse.

Mission: The St. Clair County Prescription Drug Abuse Workgroup collaborates to identify, treat, and reduce prescription drug misuse through community awareness and prevention.

2019 Accomplishments

  • Continued efforts to raise awareness of prescription drug misuse. Contest among youth to design a message about Rx misuse – winner received a $50 gift card. Shared information about drug takeback locations and events. Partnered with Sheriff’s Department for National Drug Takeback Day in April. Completed final “Barrier Analysis” report. Merged Rx Workgroup with St. Clair County Smoke-Free Community Team; new coalition is St. Clair County SPEAK.
  • Prescriber Training hosted in September, “How to Manage Addiction in Your Practice.” 34 local prescribers attended and learned about how to implement Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) in their practice.
  • During the summer, the Opioid Prevention Subcommittee transitioned into a youth-focused prevention committee for St. Clair County called SPEAK (Substance Prevention through Early Action and Knowledge) that will continue to look at opioid use in youth and adults.

Coalition Coordinator: Lisa Ruddy, St. Clair County Health Department