St. Clair County Community Services Coordinating Body (CSCB)

In today’s constantly changing world, it has never been more important that community organizations work together to build consensus and employ pragmatic problem solving to help residents live improved and productive lives. New ideas and perspectives produce the innovation necessary for successful collaboration. In St. Clair County, the 75 members of the Community Services Coordinating Body (CSCB) provide the innovation and unparalleled passion that for thirty- five years has maximized the effectiveness of all member organizations, which in turn has improved the lives of innumerable Blue Water residents.

Beginning as a state pilot project in 1984 with only seven members, the CSCB was founded to improve the economic efficiency of member organizations by addressing the possibility of fragmented, overlapping, or duplicated services. Over the years, the CSCB has adapted to address a myriad of critical issues in the community. During that time, some challenges have remained constant, including consistent and affordable health care, homelessness, reliable and affordable transportation for low-income residents, and the results of poverty on our youth, including educational challenges and malnutrition.

Following a year-long Strategic Planning Process that better aligned the CSCB’s goals with state and federal requirements and the strategic plans of other key community stakeholders, the CSCB is committed to growing even stronger with increased collaboration between members and maintaining and engaging membership beyond human services. We are committed to providing the leadership that will improve the Blue Water area’s economic independence and self-sustainability, assist in addressing the challenge of ensuring all our youth benefit from a quality education, and improving the overall health and wellness of every area resident.

We invite all area organizations, businesses, non-profits, or government agencies, to join us as we confidently look to a future where our community will continue to benefit from the collaborative efforts of the Community Services Coordinating Body.

Chair: Debra Johnson
Vice Chair: Scott Crawford
Staff Support: Amy Smith