To mitigate normal stress reactions and expedite recovery when a critical incident / traumatic event
occurs which can overwhelm normal coping skills.

  • Collaboration between Department of Homeland Security/Emergency Management & St. Clair County Community Mental Health
  • Team consists of trained professionals in the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) model, including law enforcement, medical, fire, EMS, school, business, government, mental health. Two law enforcement officers completed training in April and joined the St. Clair County team.
  • Team responded to 15 Interventions in FY / 2019
  • The CISM team responded to the following critical incidents: 10 for first responders, 2 for staff in educational setting, 1 in the business community, 2 for human services agencies
  • Presented to the Criminal Justice Association in March
  • For more information about CISM – contact St. Clair County Community Mental Health at 810-985-8900

Contact person: Amy Smith, St. Clair County Community Mental Health