To understand how and why children die in St Clair County, in order to take action to prevent other child deaths. Case selection based upon age; 0-18 (if still enrolled in high school). Analyses of deaths lead to risk factor identification


  • The team reviewed 19 cases in 2019 (including natural deaths, suicide, and accidents) ranging in age to minutes old – 17 years old.
  • In 2020 the team has had only two meetings due to COVID, there have been 10 cases reviewed thus far.
  • A trend noted is the increase in the number of sleep related deaths of infants (under age 1 year). Sadly SCCHD will no longer receive the small mini grant (25,000/annually) to promote messages related to safe sleep and pay for our educator 1 day per week. We will continue with free messaging, mostly social media but are concerned about the impacts. The dollars have been allocated to larger counties who experience a higher rate of SUID.

Contact person: Elizabeth King, St. Clair County Health Department