Workgroup Goals

  1. Positive Behavior Intervention/supports in all schools in St. Clair County
  2. Address mental health issues in youth age 8-18 years of age
  3. Families will be engaged and active in integrated healthcare initiatives addressing the whole child.
  4. Implement a community education/training events to spread/share information with providers, parents / caregivers and students in logical places with information on how to access the needed programs.
  5. Spread program awareness throughout CSCB, 211 Northeast Michigan, and encourage attendees to share with staff.
  6. Provide information at afterschool programs, principal meetings, district meetings
  7. Adequate funding to address needs of whole child (mental health / physical health, food, shelter, clothing)

2019 Accomplishments

  • Workgroup formed in June, understanding that many organizations in St. Clair County offer some level of support to youth age 8– 18 but lack cross-systems coordination. Adolescents face a variety of issues that effect their social/ emotional health and well being; the influences of social media, pressure to achieve at home, school; the pressure of drugs/ alcohol; bulling/cyber bullying; challenging/dysfunctional family systems etc.
  • Identified a need for a coordinated system of community resources and supports to assist adolescents and their families; as well as those who work with adolescents in matters related to mental health, substance use disorders and other social/emotional needs.
  • Identifying strategic priorities, worked on goal writing, and developing intervention strategies

Chairperson: Deb Johnson, St. Clair County Community Mental Health